Ohana Hills Progress Report – October 2019

Aug 21, 2020


Ohana Hills is a passionate project aiming to construct 84 Villas according to the highest structural standards and finishing quality. Located at Medyar village in Damour, this unique location allows you to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of nature while at the same time keeping you close to the capital city and the major business and trading centers. This report will guide you through the most recent updates on the different construction stages throughout the project. We hope that Ohana Hills will be the beginning of another happy and fruitful chapter in your life.


In this section, we’re going to take a walk throughout the surrounding environment and landscapes before heading into the technical stuff

“Green roads along with the breathtaking calmness of the sea”

“Iconic monuments to keep your ride interesting”

“Welcoming every visitor with a red rose”

“A traditional-aged olive tree”


In this section, we will take a look at the roads and infrastructures that will connect the entirety of Ohana Hills and provide necessary services.

  • Road 1 is located in the northern area of the map. The part of the road facing area A is already completed while the other half is being constructed as shown in the image below.

Base-course laid and sidewalks under construction

Road Entrance Completed

2. Road 2

Road 2 is on the eastern side and is already completed.

Green plants covering the highway median and green energy solar panels for illuminating your way

3. Road 3

Road 3 lies in the southern area of the map. Excavation is finished and base-course is being laid.

Excavation process

Laying base-course and constructing sidewalks

Pipes junctions

Excavations at the end of the road

Road 3 under shades of blue

4. Road A

Road A lies in-between zones A and B and it’s currently in the excavation stage.

Road A eastern side

Mid-way through the excavation

5. Road B

  • Road B lies in-between zones B and C and it’s currently in the excavation stage.

Road B eastern side

6. Road C

Road C lies in-between zones C and D and it’s currently in the excavation stage.

Excavations through Road C

7. Road D

Road D lies in-between zones D and E and it’s currently in the excavation stage.

Road D southern entrance


  • Retaining walls support the soil laterally so that it can be retained at different levels on the two sides.

Building walls above  the sea

1. Wall in Zone A


2. Wall in Zone B



3. Wall in Zone C


4. Wall in Zone D



In this section, we’re going to present the progress of the different villas in the construction stage.

1. Villa A1

Villa Al is completed and currently available for customer visits.

2. Villa A2

  • A blinding concrete layer is constructed over the ground surface. Blinding concrete acts as an insulation layer over which the actual reinforced foundations will be cast. Soil fill is then introduced to the empty spaces between the footings.

3. Villa A3

Villa A3 is currently in the excavation stage 
 Villa A3 location  

4. Villa B1

Excavations in villa B1 are finished and blinding layer is being constructed.

Excavating and setting up footings locations

Casting the blinding concrete layer

5. Villa B2

Villa B2 is currently in the excavation stage.

Villa B2 Location

6. Villa B3

Blinding concrete and soil fill layers are completed and MEP works are installed 

Blinding layer at the ground floor level

MEP works at the basement level

Basement level

Soil fill layer

Preparing the steel reinforcements

7. Villa B4

Villa B4 excavation is completed, footings locations are set and it’s ready for the blinding phase.

Setting up footings locations

Laying out  the foundations outline using wood panels

8. Villa B5

Villa B5 is currently in the excavation phase.

Villa B5 location

9. Villa B6

Villa B6 is currently in the excavation phase

10. Villa B7

Villa B7 is currently in the excavation phase

Villa B7 location

11. Villa C1

Villa C1 is currently in the excavation phase
Villa C1 Location

12. Villa C2

Villa C2 is currently in the excavation phase

Villa C2 location

13. Villa C7

Villa C7 is currently in the excavation phase

Villa C7 location

14. Villa C8

Villa C8 is currently in the excavation phase

Villa C8 location

15. Villa C9

Villa C9 location

16. Villa C15

Villa C15 is currently in the excavation phase


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