Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about Ohana Hills. If you have questions that you can’t find Please Contact Us

1. Where is OHANA Hills?

Ohana Hills is located at 2.0km from Château De Mer Resort” Al Jisr Beach Club”, 2 minutes driving distance from Damour Highway

2. What is the nearest hospital?

The nearest hospital is DMC “Damour Medical Center”

3. Where is the nearest car repairing garage?

The Nearest Car repairing Garage is 2km away from the project.

4. What is the nearest bus station?

The nearest bus station is on the access road of the project.

5. What are the prices per Square meter?

The square meter price in Ohana Hills starts at $1850 for built up areas plus $450 for Gardens area. Ask for your flexible payment plan.

6. What services will the common charges fees cover?

The common charges fees will cover all services delivered by the property management minus: water, electricity, gas consumption and private garden maintenance.

7. Can I put my villa up for rent?

After registration of the Villa in your name you can manage it in any manner you wish.

8. Are there any special prices for the groups?

Yes, groups or families will get an extra discount.

9. If I was abroad how can I buy?

If you are abroad you can contact us via email or leave your phone number and we will contact you. A member of your family or someone who has a power of attorney can represent you.

10. What is the property management contract duration?

The duration of the property management contract is 10 years from the completion of the project, to be automatically renewed if the compound new owners fail to choose a new property management company.

11. Are pets allowed in the project?

Pets are allowed in the project but fall under some restrictions and regulations.

12. What is the nearest Holy Place?

The nearest church is Damour church. It is located 3km away. The nearest Mosque is Al Nour.

13. What is the nearest pharmacy?

The nearest pharmacy will be located in the commercial Hub of the project. Walking distance

14. Where is the nearest police station?

The nearest Police Station is in Damour town.

15. What is the delivery date of Ohana Hills?

The first phase of Ohana hills project will be delivered in 2021.

16. What are the payment facilities?

We’ve developed a payment system that is quite adaptable. You may customize it yourself on the website. You can also use Cryptocurrency to make a payment. (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and BUSD are accepted currencies.

17. Does the villas have inter-phone / video cam?

All Villas are equipped with smart video interphones.

18. Is the parking secured?

The parking is controlled, monitored and secured by a private Gate.