Where is OHANA Hills?
Ohana Hills is located at 2.0km from Château De Mer Resort” Al Jisr Beach Club”, 2 minutes driving distance from Damour Highway .
Are Pets allowed in the project?
Pets are allowed in the project but fall under some restrictions and regulations.
 How can I buy my apartment?
You can call one of our sales consultant on +961 03 775 006 or you can visit our showroom in Damour or our engineering offices in Beirut Hamra main street.
 What is the nearest hospital?
The nearest hospital is DMC “Damour Medical Center”
 What is the nearest church?
The nearest church is Damour church. It is located 3km away.
Where is the nearest petrol station?
The nearest petrol or gas station is on the access road of the project which is about 2 km away.
 What is the nearest car repairing garage?
The Nearest Car repairing Garage is 2km away from the project.
 What is the nearest pharmacy?
The nearest pharmacy will be located in the commercial Hub of the project. Walking distance
 What is the nearest supermarket?
The nearest supermarket will be located in the commercial Hub of the project. Walking distance
 What is the nearest bus station?
The nearest bus station is on the access road of the project.
 Where is the nearest police station?
The nearest Police Station is in Damour town.
 What are the Villas sizes?
The Sizes range from 180 square meters duplexes to 450 square meters triplexes villas.
 What are the prices per square meter?
The square meter price in Ohana starts at $1600 for built up areas plus 300$ for Gardens area. Ask for your flexible payment plan.
 What is the delivery date of Ohana Hills?
The first phase of Ohana hills project will be delivered in 2021.
 How is the water distributed inside the project?
A central water tank will distribute the water to all Villas
 What services will the common charges fees cover?
The common charges fees will cover all services delivered by the property management minus: water, electricity, gas consumption and private garden maintenance.
 What are the payment facilities?
We have created a very flexible payment plans. On the website you can design it by yourself. The mix of our flexibility and your ability will lead you to the best and most suitable installment plan.
How many educational establishments are in the region?
Schools and Universities are established within 3 to 5 km from the project.
 Can I put my Villa up for rent?
After registration of the Villa in your name you can manage it in any manner you wish.
 Does the Villas have interphone/video cam?
All Villas are equipped with smart video interphones.
 Do I get any special price if I pay the full amount?
Paying the full amount as a down payment will give you the largest discount.
 Are there any special prices for groups?
Yes, groups or families will get an extra discount.
 Is the parking secured?
The parking is controlled, monitored and secured by a private Gate.
 Is the parking space enough for the entire project?
All Villas are granted parking spaces. Additional parking spaces are available for visitors.
 What construction system is used?
The construction system used in the project is the DOKKA Form Work system.
 How effective is the gas heating system?
The gas heating system is very effective, and considered environmentally clean and it’s optional for each villa.
 Do we have fire alarm in the apartment?
All Villas are equipped with smoke detectors and fire alarms as an optional choice.
 If I was abroad how can I buy?
If you are abroad you can contact us via email or leave your phone number and we will contact you. A member of your family or someone who has a power of attorney can represent you.
 Can we make any changes in the exterior facades of the villa after completion of the project?
We need to preserve the standards of our Project; hence it’s forbidden to make any change in our facades after the completion of the project.
 Can visitors have access or invitation for the gymnasium?
A full property rules and regulation document will given to all tenants regulating the usage of all amenities of the project.
 What is the property management contract duration?
The duration of the property management contract is 10 years from the completion of the project, to be automatically renewed if the compound new owners fail to choose a new property management company.
 What are the amenities in the project?
The amenities offered in our project are: a commercial Hub, gated community, 24/7 security, swimming pool for each villa (optional), 2 parking for each villa, visitor parking, supermarket, cafe area, restaurant, fully equipped gym, indoor and outdoor playground for kids ,beautifully landscaped environs and full service building.
 Why & What is Ohana Hills?
Ohana means family, being part of Ohana gives you the opportunity to experience first class luxury living in a high-end finishing Villas compound, while still maintaining the simple family-friendly environment. Ohana’s community provides its residence with a protection bubble that surrounds them wherever they are even when far away, just like our Family.